Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Segovia, Day 4

Started off the day with a nature walk at the park near the university. We walked down to the park and did some stretches and played a couple little games, and after that we had to each find a spot in the park and sit there in silence for 15 minutes to 'become one with nature'. Oh and we  had to be at least 10m away from any other person. And god it was coooooold, that was a long 15 minutes. But it was really relaxing and peaceful too, got to observe everything around me and really take it all in.

Again, we listened to more inspirational speakers and their stories about how they got to where they are now with their organizations. Afterwards, we worked with our teams. Today we had about 6 hours (not all at the same time) with our team, because today was the day that we were going to present our projects to everybody else. So we had to finish our business canvas, and then shoot a video (ours was a little skit advertising what our project would do), draw out a storyboard - and may I just say ours was beast, it looked amazing - , and build an actual model of our project (which was the school we were planning on setting up in Cambodia). And once this was all done, we set up our booth at the project fair, and once it started we could go around and check out the other projects while some people from our team stayed at our table and explained our own project. I was one of those 'some people', but aayy I enjoyed explaining it, and it's not like I didn't get to see anyone else's projects, I walked around some too. People voted for the top 5 projects, and then it was dinnerrr.

For dinner my friends and I went into the city and checked out the shops again, and we sat down at a nice little cafe that had sandwiches and such. Have I said how beautiful Segovia is? The aqueduct is really nice to look at, especially once the sun is just starting to go down.

After eating,  my friends and I went down to the park and played football. And okay, it was a bit tougher than last time's game cause there were trees everywhere and rocks and these little spiky ball plants that fell from the trees on the ground. Aaaand I played barefoot, so yeaa hurt a bit, but aayy it wasn't too bad. Really fun just to chill and run around after working. We played till it got dark, then headed back to the hotels. Fun fuuunnn day :)

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