Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Segovia, Day 1

We kicked off the day with two keynote speakers that talked to us about empathy and different things we need to become a good leader, like humility and hubris. These guys were awesome speakers; they totally know how to talk to 250 teenagers at once. They were funny and really engaging, so I had no problem paying attention. After the speakers we had a break, and then we were assigned to our Global Action teams. Each of the teams did a team building activity where we had to come up with a product or service in which we make the conference better for everyone. My team had the idea of giving people compliments, so on our poster people could sign up or sign their friends up to receive a compliment everyday.
After that activity we had lunch, and then we had two more speakers talk to us about how we make an impact on the world. We had another meeting with our team afterwards, and in this session we started to think about which topic we wanted to do for our project and begin to narrow down the challenge question. We didn't get to our challenge question, but we had zoned in on a more specific topic.
It was dinnertime afterwards, but we had the option to go into town and check out the city and the shops. Unfortunately all the money changers close at 2 PM, so it was way too late to change, but the shops were still open so I could see what I wanted to get for my friends. We were there for a few hours, which was really fun. At around 10 PM we went back to the hotels, and me and my roommate spent hours and hours gossiping about our lives and whatnot, and ended up sleeping at 2 AM. And ucchh that was such a bad idea, I was dead tired the next day and had slightly swollen eyes.

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