Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Segovia, Day 3

So today was culture day! Which I will talk about a little later in the post.

First we listened to speakers again. And today there were 2 speakers that I really liked, mainly because they were the same age as me. It really inspired me that they could have their own organizations that help others at such a young age and could already be making money. I just thought that was really cool.

Again, we worked with our teams on our project and we started forming our business model canvas, which is this easy to use diagram that we fill in, and it really helped my group to figure out the kinks in our project and straighten them out.

After that, we had a session where we learned to be b-boys and b-girls which was pretty fun too. There was one move where we had to kinda bend over backwards and get on the floor and then push ourselves back up, and geez I fell so many times trying that....

Then we prepared for the culture night, and I got changed into my Indonesian outfit. It was this batik dress that I wore jeans and wedges with. Aaaand since I was the only Indonesian at the conference, I had a table all to myself, so I spent most of my time going to the other tables with my friends and eating food from 'around the world'. I think my favorite was the pancakes with maple syrup from the Canadians ;)

Once we all cleaned up the place, a talent show was held, and there was a bunch of people that did singing and dancing and one guy even counted around 30 digits of pi. Really entertaining, good night.

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