Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Segovia, Arriving Day

My flight was pretty okay; I slept most of the way. I arrived in the Madrid airport around 2:20 PM and there was a man from the conference waiting for me. The next bus wasn't going to come until 4, so I grabbed some lunch and met other students that arrived around the same time as me.
Once we got to Segovia we were assigned to our rooms, and I had to rush to wash my face and brush my teeth cause we were leaving right away to the university. And wow, the university is just beautiful. First thing we did was take a tour, and there is so much old architecture that makes to university soooo different from others. It's got walls and floors that are hundreds of years old and it just looks amazing.
After the tour we had the welcoming session and dinner, and after dinner we watched the Euro finals in the lunch hall. By this time I'd already established people that were my kind of people, so we all watched together. And damnnn, Italy got their behinds handed to them. Sorry Italy fans, but that was prettttyy bad. FT Spain 4 - 0 Italy
After the game we went straight back to our hotels (it was around 11 PM) and I met my roommate. And I just love love looove her. Canadian, so speaks perfect English  - everyone here can speak English, but some have got an accent that makes it a little hard to comprehend what they're saying. But yea, we just get along well. We didn't talk too much cause we were both dead tired; I got to the room, did introductions and all that, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and passed out on the bed. Good day, good day.

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