Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Segovia, Day 2

Today was the funnest day so far. We started off the day with speakers that talked about their own projects and how it was they reached success. They were great to listen to because it got me thinking about how I'm really going to accomplish my project as a team, like how to be realistic. We met with our teams afterwards, had a break, and had another team meeting, and wow my team made a lot of progress. I forgot to mention it in the last post, but our project is centred on youth empowerment in Cambodia. We got our topic narrowed down and created the persona of our target audience (a 9 year old girl with many negative factors in her life) and discussed what her needs are and what insights she has. In the end we had quite a few challenge questions we had come up with.
After all the team meetings, everyone took the buses down to the pool where we were going to learn capoeira, Bollywood and have a barbecue. And this was soooo fun; first we watched the capoeira do their dancing and then they taught us, and it was really different from things I've seen so it made it quite fun to do with my friends. Afterwards, instead of learning Bollywood, me and a couple of the girls went to go play football (soccer, not American football). I was confused at first when I was hardly sweating, but then I realized that even though Spain is hot, it isn't humid like it is in Indonesia, so that's probably why I wasn't sweating. After football we had the barbecue, and maaannn the food was good. I love how there is so much pork in Spain, because back in Indonesia it's a bit hard to find pork so I really don't eat it often. So I'm eating as much pork as I can while I still can!
What I really loved about today was how at the pool it was a lot easier to meet people, like how it was an event where everyone was mixing together. In the previous couple days there hadn't really been anything like that, so people were always sticking with their little groups of friends from school instead of meeting new people. Only thing that sucked about today was how I didn't get to swim, cause apparently I only brought my bikini top and left the bottom over in Jakarta :(

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